June 2017


For interactive desktop viewing: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/59120219/gw-june-2017-hq

Printable Booklet .pdf is downloadable from our main Good Works Archive on the sndden.org website: https://www.sndden.org/who-we-are/good-works-international-magazine/

Good Works On-Line: June 2017 (Individual Stories)

Sisters Provide Disaster Relief
by Sisters Juana Rivera and Evelyn Fitzke, SNDdeN

Educational Vision Crosses Cultures

by Sisters Masako Miyake and Carol Shoup, SNDdeN

Faithful to Heritage in Saint Hubert
by Sister Monique-Marie Petit, SNDdeN and Mr. Patrick François

A Success Story in Medical Centre
by Sister Rose Ndianefo, SNDdeN

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